C-ROK Rock Skins

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The C-ROK Skins are designed for those that want to maximum clearance or for those that just want to maintain the factory look while still achieving great rocker panel protection. The ROK Skins are laser cut of 3/16”plate steel and formed to match the Cherokee rocker panel contour. A total of 22 attachment points connect each C-ROK Skin to your Cherokee, 11 bolts connect through the pinch seam and 11 secure the outer edge to the rocker panel using nutserts. The combined shear strength of these 22 connecting bolts is over 10,000 lbs. The ROK skins are formed to maintain a continuous flat bottom to allow for high lift jacking anywhere along the length of the rocker. In addition to bolting the skins on, you can weld the them to the body as below if you choose. The C-ROK Skins give you 2" of clearance over most of our competitors.


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